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UHCOP Poster Template Guidelines

UHCOP Poster Template Guidelines

Adopted by the UHCOP Faculty in Fall 2011

1.  The following items are required for the UHCOP Poster Template:

a.  The colors used in this poster are according to the UH Graphics Standards Manual
b.  Outside borders in the red and gray color
c.  Top left UH or UHCOP logo and UHCOP mortar/pestle graphic
d.  Top right could have the UHCOP coat of arms (future step) or collaborative institutions logos
e.  Header red fill color
f.   If applicable, placement of printer company name/logo at bottom right or left must be smaller than any institutional logo

2.  The following items are optional for the UHCOP poster template: 

a.  Watermark of mortar/pestle within the poster body.
b.  Collaborative institution acknowledgements located at the bottom of the poster as this may be determined by the presenter and collaborators.

Note: Text and graphs in the template samples are solely to allow faculty, staff and students some idea of the overall look. Please contact COP-IT at 713-743-1169 for assistance in poster templates sizes and other questions related to poster design.