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Advisory Councils

group photo of DSAC

Dean's Student Advisory Council


The Dean's Student Advisory Council (DSAC) is composed of three representatives from each Pharm.D. class, who are elected by their respective classes at the beginning of each academic year. The Pharmacy Student Council President shall serve as a member of the DSAC as well.

Length of service

The length of service on the DSAC shall be one academic year. Students will only be eligible to serve on the DSAC for one term during their academic tenure in order to allow other students to have a chance to participate. 


The DSAC members act as liaisons between the P1-P4 classes and the Dean of the College. The DSAC meetings allow the Dean to provide the DSAC members with insight into specific areas of the college. The meetings also will allow for open, two-way communication between the DSAC members and the Dean.

Member Responsibility

The DSAC members will be responsible for bringing concerns, requests, and ideas of each class to the Dean. The members also will be responsible for helping the college to inform each class of new developments within the College of Pharmacy.

Frequency of Meetings

The DSAC will meet with the Dean at least three times per semester.


Members of the DSAC for the 2017-18 Academic Year are:

Kortney Hanson, Nathan Holub and Erica Morales, , Class of 2019

Carol Baby, Lauren Le and Ifoma Ofoegbuna, Class of 2020

Hafeez Adewusi, Annett Augustine and Jenny Quach, Class of 2021

Lauren Goldberg, Pharmacy Council President