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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the MSN program online or in a class room setting?  Both, students may choose to have an online experience or a face to face classroom environment experience.  Though, lab, practicum and/or clinical course requirements will be a face to face for practice and demonstration to meet course objectives.

Once in a program can a student change tracks easily or would a new application need to be submitted?  A new application is not needed.

Do I have to stop working while attending your MSN FNP Track?  No, but it is highly recommended that students not work full time.

How often are MSN FNP clinical rotations? Depends on the semester. Semester 2 is usually 1 day / week. Semesters 3, 4, 5 are generally 2-3 days / week.

Are clinical sites assigned or do I have to find my own?  The UH College of Nursing will work with students to find appropriate sites. We do not guarantee that we will place students each semester, or that the site we find for them will be near their home. If a student wants a clinical site near their home, it is helpful if they bring suggestions to the College of Nursing Associate Dean.

Can I start the MSN program without a year of work experience? The MSN FNP track requires at least one year of professional (BSN) work experience.

Can I attend the MSN program part – time? Yes

Does the College of Nursing offer job placement? No, but employers will often call with job opportunities, which are shared with students.

Are there scholarship opportunities?  Yes, scholarships are available for all MSN tracks.  Scholarships up to $17,000 are available specifically for the FNP track.

Do I need to take the GRE?  Yes, students may take either the GRE or MAT exam for entrance into the MSN program.

What is the cost of the program? Tuition for the 2016-17 academic calendar year: 

  • Cost for the 36 semester credit hours for the MSN-Administration Track is approximately $19, 787. 
  • Cost for the 42 semester credit hours for the MSN-Education Track is approximately $22,512. 
  • Cost for the 47 semester credit hours for the MSN-FNP track is approximately $25,683.
  • Cost for the 9 semester credit hours for the Post Master’s Certificate in Nurse Administration or Nurse Education is approximately $5,315.