Contact: Marisa Ramirez
713/743-8152 (office)
713/295-0712 (cell)

State of the Union Experts from the University of Houston

January 27, 2010-Houston-

As Capitol Hill prepares for the annual State of the Union address, University of Houston experts are available to discuss key issues in today's political climate. Research interests and contact information are available below. 

If you are unable to reach a professor, call Mike Emery at (713) 743-8186 or Marisa Ramirez at (713) 743-8152. 


An expert in presidential communication, political science professor Brandon Rottinghaus is available to reveal the underlying messages of the President's speech. Reach him at or (713) 743-3925. 


Law professor Seth Chandler, co-director of the health law and policy institute, is well versed in the legal aspects of healthcare policy. Reach him at (713) 743-2123 or


Steven Craig, professor of economics, is available to address financial regulation and public sector economics. Reach him at (713) 743-3812 or


Christine LeVeaux-Haley, assistant professor of political science in The Honors College at the University of Houston, researches black representation in Congress, race-based redistricting, and voter preferences and behavior. Reach her at (713) 743-2355 or