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UH Offers Experts on Affordable Care Act

GrayPatricia Gray is director of research in the Health Law & Policy Institute at UH Law Center. As a member of the Texas House, she chaired the Texas House Committee on Public Health and was the House sponsor for legislation creating the Texas Children's Health Insurance Plan, which insures more than 500,000 Texas Children. 713-743-2206

MantelJessica Lind Mantel is co-director of the Health Law & Policy Institute. Formerly an attorney with the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Mantel advised the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services on legal issues, including health care reform. Her research interests include the allocation of limited health care resources. 713-743-1836

ChandlerSeth Chandler is a nationally known expert in health law and insurance law. Professor Chandler specializes in insurance law and related fields such as health law, economic analysis of law, and contract drafting. Chandler has authored several articles on insurance law and is the author of “ACA Death Spiral,” a blog chronicling the implementation of the Affordable Care Act. 713-743-2123

HoffmanGeoff Hoffman, heads the UH Immigration Clinic and specializes in immigration-related federal court litigation, deportation defense, asylum cases, and appeals before the Board of Immigration Appeals. Hoffman is available to discuss issues related how the Affordable Care Act relates to immigrants. 713-743-2094

SampsonMcClain Sampson, assistant professor in the UH Graduate College of Social work, can address mental health care as it relates to the Affordable Care Act. Effective interventions for health promotion continue to be a priority for Sampson. Her research topics such as racial/ethnic disparities of postpartum depression and anxiety, the use of motivational interviewing in substance abuse settings and health care provider’s comfort with delivery of palliative care. Sampson is also the Principal Investigator for the Department of Health and Human Service/HRSA funded GLOBE project. This project delivers training of bilingual social workers in advanced, clinical, behavioral health social work. mmsampso@Central.UH.EDU. 713-743-6719.

To schedule an interview with any of these experts, please contact the UH media relations team. To arrange an interview with a UH Law Center faculty member, contact Carrie Criado, Executive Director of Communications and Marketing, cacriado@Central.UH.EDU, 713.743.2184