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UH Expert Available to Discuss Ukraine/Crimea Impact on Oil and Gas

Don Van Nieuwenhuise, director of the professional geoscience programs in UH’s Department of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences, has worked extensively in the energy industry.

Van Nieuwenhuise says the situation between Russia and Ukraine is important, because Russia is a significant source of natural gas and oil fVan Nieuwenhuiseor European countries, and a large percentage of that travels through pipelines that cross Ukraine.

“The Ukraine is important, with or without Crimea.”

Among the reasons, Russia has limited ice-free ports of their own, and relies on those of neighboring countries. 

“In the past, the Ukraine was one of the USSR’s industrial blockbusters. Maybe they want it back.”

Van Nieuwenhuise's energy industry experience includes working as a geologist for MOBIL in New Orleans, where he successfully drilled more than 15 exploration, production and blowout kill wells. He has been featured as an oil and gas industry expert in national publications including the New York Times and on national news programs including “Good Morning America,” CNN, The Weather Channel and Bloomberg TV.

Nieuwenhuise can be reached at or 713-743-3423.

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