myUH Usability Testing

User experience testing: Test myUH. Get a $50 iTunes gift card.

Help us make the University of Houston the best it can be and get a $50 iTunes gift card for doing it.

Next testing session

To be announced! You can always find out when the next session will happen by:

myUH FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Student selection

  • How many students do you typically test?
    We need at least 10 students from a diverse cross-section of the University.
  • If I'm not selected this round, can I be on the list for a future session?
    Yes. Please see the Want to participate? section below.
  • I'm interested/not interested in more than one testing session.
    In the Want to participate? section, please indicate your preference.

What happens in the testing session?

  • You'll be seated at a computer with the myUH site displayed. A webcam records your facial expressions, and a microphone records any comments you have, while software on the machine records your mouse movements and clicks.
  • Seated next to you will be the test coordinator, who will ask you some basic questions and give you tasks to perform within myUH (e.g., make a payment on this semester's fee bill).
  • The testing observer will be at another computer nearby recording and annotating the testing session.
  • Refreshments are provided.
  • Once the session is successfully completed, you'll receive a $50 iTunes gift card for your time and input.

When and where is testing going to occur?

  • To be announced

Want to participate?

Fill out our secure applicant interest form so we can add you to the pool of interested test subjects. Your information will not be used outside this project.