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Exostretch is a safe and versatile power storage solution to be implemented into wearable devices. Exostretch employs a propriety technological advancement in the way of a thin film battery material capable of stretching and manipulating its surface area. This allows the battery to be a component in health and fitness tracking devices, allowing firms to create more sleek and safe products.


Exostretch will create opportunity for fitness tracking device manufactures in safety and design, by providing a stretchable thin film battery material.


Exostretch technology is an alternative the lithium ion battery that is currently the industry standard for powering portable electronics. The lithium ion battery contains a volatile aqueous material that is flammable if exposed to oxygen. Exostretch replaces the dangerous liquid electrolyte with a safe solid polymer electrolyte. Since the Exostretch battery material is stable, it can be stretched, flexed, and implemented into structures.

Business Strategy

Exostretch employs a Business-to-Business model, by selling a stretchable battery material that is a component in manufacturing fitness and health tracking devices. Exostretch will gain a sustainable competitive advantage by forming strategic relationships with manufacturers and maintaining an aggressive approach to research and development. After proving the technology by selling a minimum viable product in the form of a high volume of battery material, Exostretch will begin to customize products and services to the other vast industries that have a need for a stretchable, safe power storage solution.


According to a Price Waterhouse Cooper report, 21% of Americans used wearble devices in 2014. That number has now doubled to almost half of the population, at 49%. Wearable devices are becoming a part of life, just as smart phones have. The volatile and non-versatile composition of conventional lithium ion batteries currently used in wearables limits the sleekness of design and safety. Exostretch will remove these limitations by providing a safe and maneuverable battery material that can power wearable devices. Exostretch will initially enter the health and fitness monitoring device battery industry, which is currently valued at $22 million and is projected to grow as the market for wearable technology expands.


The Exostretch management team is made up of Ross Smolen, Nathaniel Scott, Dat Vu, and Akshay Joshi, five students from the Wolff Center for Entrepreneurship. Dr. Haleh Ardebili Ph.D., a researcher and professor at the University of Houston’s Cullen College of Engineering is the inventor of the technology behind Exostretch. Exostretch has also enlisted the advisory of Mary Hakam, a seasoned professional in advanced textiles,.