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enLiving, LLC. is a health-care and medical research driven, design and production company. Dedicated to transformative technology innovation rooted in first-hand research directly with professionals and individuals with disabilities: enLiving is committed to substantial quality of daily life improvements, novel rehabilitation methodologies, and dissemination of potentially impactful work to the medical research community.


The mission of enLiving, LLC is to effectively provide immediate and substantial enhancements to the quality of life of those with disabilities.

Technology and Systems

Through a NSF I-Corps study, our preliminary research confirmed most of the assistive devices for seniors and the disabled do not work effectively. Case studies revealed that operations and tasks related to Activities of Daily Living (ADL), specifically self-care, functional mobility, fall prevention, and food preparation remains under addressed by current assistive devices. This is due to the disparity between the user’s ability and the input requirement that the device demands. These issues transcend a variety of medical complications, including but not limited to; arthritis, multiple sclerosis, age related disabilities, and veterans with combat related injuries. We are currently working to develop a solution platform composed of three component types: Operational Interfaces, Actuators, and Functional Interfaces. This platform can be assembled in various forms for application in a variety of ADL related issues and contexts. The proposed technological advancement addresses the current market void of highly compact, lightweight, low cost systems designed to transform challenging physical tasks into intuitive minimal actions. The proposed method involves parallel efforts in functionality development and market viability research.

Business Strategy

Through the utilization of enLiving, LLC’s business model focused on Design For Disabilities (D4D). This model combines all portions of the disabilities market into a single entity focused on Research, Design, Development, and Manufacturing (RDDM) of solutions and products for Disabilities Demographics. A D4D business model focuses on consideration and design for various stages and severities along the disabilities spectrums, enabling enLiving, LLC to connect researchers, users, and clinicians in the product development process: from research to manufacturing.


The United States disability market was valued at 12.37 million during the 2012 transparency market research, with an expected rate of growth “at a CAGR of 6.9% from 2013 to 2019 to reach an estimated value of USD 19,684.9 million in 2019.” Given the many advances in technology such as powered wheelchairs and cochlear implants the market has begun to shift to an acceptance and longing for more technologically advanced assistive devices that do more than assist end users with a task, but makes completion of that task easier in all aspects, thus increasing the demand for like products. Placing our current direction perfectly within the “medical mobility aids, and ambulatory devices” sector of the US Disabilities market.


enLiving LLC, is composed of founder and CEO, Mark T. Williams II and a team of contracted designers and researchers led by the Research Director and Advisor, Jeff Feng. Mark has over 8 years in customer service, marketing, sales and leadership, which also includes 5 years of military leadership and team building knowledge. Assistant Professor Feng has an extensive lineage in Industrial Design with a specialty in medical design and ergonomic design research. Jeff not only holds more than 40 patents in medical related design, but is training future designers in ergonomics, health and disability related design, and Computer Aided Industrial Design (CAID). Professor Feng’s role as an instructor allows him first-hand knowledge and ability to mentor the most diverse and effective design team needed to accomplish device, system, or technology based design projects.

Both Professor Feng and Mark are graduates of the National Science Foundation’s Innovation Corps program (NSF I-Corps), participating and graduating from the National Cohort. During their time in the I-Corps program, customer discovery provided the market and value propositions for the creation of enLiving, LLC in addition to fostering a network of medical practitioners, end-users, and facilities for further research and collaboration. Our preliminary research clearly suggests that issues associated with Activities of Daily Living (ADL) result from reduced dexterity and sensory acuity. Products currently addressing these complications fail to aptly resolve daily life concerns or merely provide minor improvements.