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DexMat manufactures high-performance carbon nanotube (CNT) fibers and coatings using our proprietary solution processing technology. We aim to supplant heavy, rigid metals in cables used in the aerospace, wearable electronics, and medical device markets. Metal cables weigh down aircraft and are prone to fatigue failure in electronics. Lightweight, flexible cables made with DexMat materials are up to 40 % lighter, 10 times stronger, and have 25 times higher flexural tolerance than metal cables. DexMat has partnered with established cable manufacturers who will assemble our materials into cables and then sell them to original equipment manufacturers (OEMs).


To make superior conductors by replacing stiff, bulky metal electrical components with lighter, stronger, and more flexible, soft conductors made from carbon nanotubes.

Technology and Systems

Dexmat produces CNT fibers and films that conduct electricity like metals, yet have the flexibility, lightweight, and corrosion resistance of polymers—the best of both worlds. Dexmat has developed prototype wires and cables that not only meet specifications, but result in up to 70% weight reduction over commercially available wires and cables. These dramatic weight savings make Dexmat products ideal for replacing wire and cable in satellites, as it costs about $10,000 per pound of payload launched into space. We are also developing our products for use as flexible wiring in wearable electronics and medical devices.

Business Strategy

DexMat is a manufacturing company that is produces soft, lightweight, conductive CNT fibers and films that will be critical components in products with a variety of applications in the aerospace, wearable electronics, and medical device industries. DexMat’s initial focus is to produce lightweight wire and cable for satellites. We will make CNT shielded cables at our pilot plant at the University of Houston ERP facility and work with our cable manufacturing development partners to assemble aerospace grade cables and market them to OEMs. We are also working an automotive company and electronics companies to develop additional products that use CNT fibers and films. DexMat’s competitive advantage is our proprietary solution-processing technology of CNTs that enables us to achieve 10 times higher electrical conductivities than our competitors.


We will introduce DexMat fibers and coatings into the $12.7B military and aerospace cable market. The initial target market is lightweight satellite cables. The satellite cable market is a $90M opportunity and includes products such as primary wire, coaxial cables, and high speed data cables. As DexMat becomes established in the aerospace cable market, we will also work with wearable electronics and medical device companies to expand our product lines into their markets.


The DexMat team has more than 20 years of combined experience in developing CNT processing technology and in industrial manufacturing. Our team includes Prof. Pasquali, a world-renowned leader in the field of CNTs, Dr. Goenaga, a product development expert who has led technical teams in large companies and successful startups, Dmitri Tsentalovich, an inventor of the CNT fiber spinning process and a CNT materials expert, and Francesca Mirri, an inventor of the CNT coating process and an aerospace cable expert.