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Cavu Biotherapies

A translational biotech company focused on providing immune-based solutions to treat cancer and autoimmune diseases. We will first manufacture and develop oncolytic lymphotherapies (COLTTM) against solid/hematological tumors for pet dogs. Initial entry into the veterinarian market, with few regulatory barriers and lower entry cost, serves as the research and financial launch pads for therapeutic translation into human markets.


CAVU BiotherapiesTM is focused on creating a self-sufficient veterinary immunotherapy company that will define the future of COLTTM to create a win-win situation as the therapy can reach out to pet owners improving their pet’s survival and quality of life, simultaneously providing a process for gathering data for future clinical trials to expand the veterinarian market and enter human markets.

Technology and Systems

There is an unmet need for better cancer treatments which extend overall survival rates, minimize painful side-effects, and enhance quality of life. We offer patient-friendly proactive medicine with actionable immune health benchmarking, in lieu of current reactive medical practices. For veterinarians, who want an alternative therapy to increase survival and quality of life of pet dogs with cancer, our novel COLT allows proactive immune-guided medicine to be practiced leading to an increase in survival. Unlike chemotherapy, our service does not have the side effects and deteriorating quality of life effects because CAVU Biotherapies retrains the body's own white blood cells to provide a healthy, intact immune revitalized immune system. We have several revenue generating services: IHAVTM, COLTTM, and cell banking. Federal and state approvals have been obtained to allow immediate production and market delivery.

Business Strategy

CAVU will sell COLT and IHAV directly to veterinarian oncologists. Cryobanking and IHAV will be targeted to the primary veterinarian. Our plan is to continue to scale up the company through automation of cellular expansion. CAVU has secured exclusive agreements with specialty clinics, veterinarian oncologists, and teaching hospitals. Marketing strategies include social media, co-marketing with pet insurance providers, and presences conferences. Pent-up demand for COLT and cryobanking is already apparent with sales turned down. We were featured in Nature News, Houston Chronicle and national winner of Comcast I4E Business contest. CAVU is a client-company of the Houston Technology Center and a member of BioHouston.


77.8M dogs reside in the US; 45% US households own a dog aged 7 or older; 50% of dogs older than 10 yrs develop cancer; 4M to 6M are diagnosed with cancer each year; 10M dogs die each year from cancer; 89% of the 55M owners view their dog as a family member which equates to increased health care spending; actual veterinary care sales in 2014 were $15B; veterinary canine cancer market was $500M in 2015 and expected to increase to $700M by 2017.


CAVU Biotherapies has extensive leadership experience in the medical, immuno-oncology, and veterinary arenas. The inventor of the technology is Dr. Colleen O'Connor, PhD who is also the founder and CEO. The interm management consists of the Founder and former CEO of Cyberonics, as well as, part of the early Cyberonics team. CAVU Biotherapies development is being overseen a group of diverse business advisors. Zehra Nasser, MBA is Director of Business Development.