What Customers Are Saying

Barbara J. Evans, Ph.D., J.D., LL.M.
Professor of Law
Co-director, Health Law & Policy Institute Director, Center on Biotechnology & Law, Law Center

“Cody got me set up with the new phone, which was not easy given that I do not have a desktop computer. He got it working on my laptop via a USB connection. Now that it is working, I think this is the coolest thing I ever saw!  I just love the way it turns voice mails into e-mails that you can listen to via the e-mail system.  That's just so cool.  I'm sure the system does all sorts of other amazing things that I'll never figure out how to use, but that immediate e-mail access to incoming voice emails is really convenient and saves me having to call in to check messages.  I just love that feature.
“I keep calling myself and leaving myself messages just to convince myself that it really does do that! This will probably keep me entertained 'till Christmas! (I'm easy to entertain; I just love a good new gadget.) Please let all the Lync migration team know (that) we appreciate all the grueling work they've done to try to make this thing work.”


Sheree M. Pearce
User Service Specialist 3
Plant Operations

“I have been with the university for 12 1/2 years in IT supporting and managing roles. I think Lync will provide the communication and collaboration much needed as UH continues to grow.  Kudos to IT!  Lync has been the right choice for fast results that UH has needed for some time. Kudos Zach (Thierry, LyncTrain trainer). Everyone felt they came out of the training class as one of the most informative UH training that anyone of them has gotten for a long time.”


Issa LaRonde
IT Project Manager
Information Technology

"My favorite Lync feature is the online meeting collaboration feature.  When using the online meeting, you have the power to mute or permit additional users on the conference call.  I am able to share my video and see the other people that I am meeting with.  I am able to take a poll on the fly in the online meeting.  I am able to share a white board with the people on the online meeting.  I am able share my desktop and allow others to (do) the same or take over my desktop.  I am able to share files through the soft client.

"I would recommend the Lync soft client and its array of features to new users.  IM your work colleagues and see their presence for better work productivity.  Carry your work phone number with you by enabling simultaneous ring on your mobile device so that you don’t miss your work calls on the road or away from your office.  Collaborate with users in and outside of the university through the online meeting feature and federation.

"I have been using tools with similar functionality like this for years before working at the University of Houston.  I was at a loss when I came onboard and didn’t have these tools.  I am glad to have them back.”
Campus-wide affect,  Many user groups, including faculty, will be able to integrate Microsoft Lync into their teaching environment with their students. It will allow us to have more tools to have unified communication with each other.  This type of technology is expected of a university with Tier One status.”


Joel Pearson, M.S.
Academic Advisor II
University of Houston
C.T. Bauer College of Business
Department of Accountancy and Taxation

"I've only begun using the phones, but thus far it seems to be very user-friendly. I am excited to discover all the ways to integrate the phone and computer through Outlook."


Jeffrey A. Brown, M. A.
Academic Advisor 3 (AA3)
C.T. Bauer College of Business
Accountancy and Taxation Department

“My experience is limited with the phone. However, the sound quality is exceptional, and it takes very little desktop space. These are two very important aspects of an office phone I greatly appreciate.”


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