Technology Commons Policies

The Technology Commons provides computer resources for students of the University of Houston. These user policies have been adopted to provide fair and equitable access for all users of this site.

Usage of computer resources at Tech Commons is governed by the Computing Facilities User Guidelines, revised April 1994.

Computer resources at Tech Commons are provided to support the University's academic mission. Usage of these resources for other purposes, particularly for commercial purposes, is prohibited.

Unauthorized use of these resources may result in loss of access to the facility, disciplinary review which could lead to expulsion from the University, termination of employment, and/or legal action.

General Use Policies

Reservations Policies

For more information please read the UH General Computing Policies and Appropriate Use of Computing Resources.

Printing Policies

Black and white and color laser printing is available at Tech Commons. When users submit their print job to a printer, they also attach a simple password. To release their print job, they swipe their Cougar Card at the release station near the printer and enter the simple password. Staff members are always available to assist. Each user is allowed 503 pages each semester at no charge. Once a user has reached 503 pages, he/she will be charged $0.0149 a page. Color printing is available for twenty cents/page ($0.20). The user assumes all risks and Tech Commons will not be responsible for output quality, security, or mishandling by the user. Tech Commons management may, at their discretion, replace poor quality output resulting from an equipment problem.

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