Advanced Options

Include Program Output:

Displays line-by-line program output prior to listing the summary results report

Sample Line-by-Line Program Output

Go to the results.
Reading File...
Done (457 lines in 0.1s).
Checking anchors:
Checking link
HEAD fetched in 0.0s
Checking link
HEAD fetched in 0.1s
Done: Processed in 1.8s.

Accept-language header:

HTTP 1.1 supports internationalization via an accept-language header that can be included in requests. The accept-language headers describe the languages the client accepts.


If documents are stored on the server in Japanese and English, clients that use Japanese as the accept-language header receive the Japanese version of the page. When clients use English as the accept-language header, they receive the English version. Accept-language headers can be sent only by Web browsers that use the HTTP 1.1 protocol.


A URL that, when clicked, in turn goes to another URL

Link Redirect Example:

The URL "" would be redirected to ""

Directory Redirect Example:

The URL "" would be redirected to "" (notice the addition of the trailing slash).

Check Levels of Links:

Checking pages with links that are originally linked to the URL submitted.


If your home page has a link, and in that linked page there are more links, the links in both pages will be checked.

Number of Levels:

When using the default of -1 (unlimited), all links will be checked in every page that is referenced anywhere in the site.


Depth of Recursion Example

If the level is 1, then the links in all three pages, totaling 7, will be checked.

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