Policies and Guidelines

Wireless Access Policy


To insure that wireless network access is secure.


All University of Houston wireless network devices.

  1. The wireless router or access point administration interface must be secure. The default password must be changed to be compliant with the UH Strong Password standard. Guest access or accounts should be disabled.
  2. The SSID should be changed to conform to the location of the access point. Use the official building abbreviation followed by an underscore, then the room number of the access point. For example PGH_207 would be Phillip G. Hoffman room 207.
  3. At least 128 bit encryption must be enabled on the access point. If possible, utilize WPA encryption instead of WEP.
  4. Wireless administration should be disabled. Access points should only be administered via a wired connection.
  5. All UH wireless access point devices must be registered and authorized with IT. IT regularly performs building-to-building assessments to detect unauthorized wireless access point devices.
  6. Confidential and sensitive personal information is prohibited from being transmitted over UH wireless network devices unless an encryption method such as Virtual Private Network (VPN) is utilized.
Best Practices for Performance