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Online Jobs System (OJS) FAQs

Can anyone have access to OJS?

No, only employees who have been assigned by the College/Division Administrator to manage department job postings are given access to OJS.

How do I request access to OJS?

On the OJS login homepage, click on ‘Request an account’ and complete the required fields. Once you submit your online OJS account request you will also need to complete the OJS User Request Form and email the completed form to your Employment Representative. An OJS account will not be established without this completed form.

Who do I contact to request an OJS account deactivation?

Contact your Employment Representative to deactivate an account.

If an internal employee transfers to another department, an OJS User Request form will need to be completed and sent to the appropriate Employment Representative so that the account assignment can be updated.

Which positions are required to post via OJS?

All benefits-eligible staff positions must post for a minimum of five (5) business days via OJS.

What options do we have for different types of job postings?

Single Posting: hiring department has one open job requisition
Multiple Posting: hiring department has multiple vacant job requisitions that are identical in job title, category and grade. A multiple posting must be requested/disclosed prior to posting.
Broadband Posting: hiring department has open job requisition(s) that have a span of job levels within an approved career ladder (e.g., Application Developer levels 1-4). Broadband posting allows the successful candidate to be hired into any vacancy in that career ladder for which they meet or exceed the posted minimum qualifications. A broadband posting must be requested/disclosed prior to posting.

When I enter my position number to create a job posting OJS says, ‘Template Not Found’:

Currently, the PeopleSoft and PeopleAdmin (OJS) systems are not integrated, so there is not always a smooth flow of information between the two.

Reclassified Positions: A position reclassified in PeopleSoft on or after March 01, 2012 will not show any updates to grade or title in OJS. If you need to post a reclassified job in OJS, please work with your Employment Representative.

Newly Created Positions: A job that has been newly created in PeopleSoft will not automatically show up in OJS. Please contact your Employment Represented so that a new OJS position description template can be created.

Can I add job addendums?

Yes, many of our job descriptions are generic to accommodate several colleges/divisions, and we encourage hiring departments to be specific in their postings to reflect the unique skills and experience that you are looking for in your area.

Please notate your job addendums in the Additional Posting Information field of your post in OJS.  In most cases we will honor your addendum requests. In rare cases, an addendum places the job into a higher compensation category and we will help you work with a member of HR's compensation team to outline your options and determine an appropriate course of action.

My job is at Employment Req approval. When will it post?

Typically there is a 24-hour turnaround time for a job to post and become visible to applicants.

Should I create a Guest User Account?

A guest user account is ideal for situations where you are posting on behalf of a hiring manager who does not want or need their own OJS account. Having a guest user account is also recommended when your candidate selection will be made by a search committee.

User Group Levels:

Requestor:  Requestors can create job postings from existing templates. Requests for Offer (RFOs) are also initiated at the Requestor level.  
Department:  Department users manage job postings and RFOs that have been created by subordinates. Users are able to edit, view, screen and dispense applicants.
College/Division: College/Division users are responsible for validating that the job is an approved, budgeted, vacant position. This user level also reviews the job posting/RFO and ensures all information is correct. If data is incomplete or incorrect, the posting is returned to Department level with notes explaining what corrections need to be made.
Executive:  Executive users authorize HR to proceed with job posting and/or RFO review and approval.
Compensation: Requests for Offer that are considered salary exceptions must be reviewed and approved by Compensation. Typically, these are job offers over the pay grade midpoint, although concerns about internal equity or candidate skills and experience will also sometimes trigger a compensation review. An official job offer cannot be made until Compensation complete their review process and the RFO is sent back to Employment for final approval.
Employment: Employment is the final approval. Employment will review job posting for accuracy and compliance before posting a job or approving a RFO.  An official job offer cannot be made until the RFO has been approved by Employment. Email notices are not sent when an RFO is approved. We encourage department users to regularly review the RFO status in OJS to confirm if the RFO has been approved.

What external jobsites do our job postings publish to?

Posted jobs automatically cross-post to HigherEd, Indeed, HERC (Higher Education Recruitment Consortium), SimplyHired, and Texas Workforce Commission (TWC) job boards.

What is the procedure if our department wants to post to other external websites?

All OJS external job advertisement must be approved by HR Employment before proceeding with external advertising.

HR strongly recommends that departments utilize additional advertising options for executive and hard-to-fill job postings. The University of Houston partners with Harger Howe Advertising (formerly Sage Advertising). If you choose to use our preferred vendor, contact your Employment Representative.

Advantages to using Harger Howe:

  • University of Houston has a long-standing relationship with Harger Howe, and they understand our needs and ad placement requirements, making the  advertising process easy and effortless.
  • Harger Howe Advertising is a full-service advertising agency that can assist with all your advertising needs (print, online, interactive, and outdoor, events, broadcast, etc.).
  • Harger Howe has long-standing relationships with the media and negotiates the best possible rates on our behalf.
  • Harger Howe offers timely response to advertising and quote requests, typically within the same business day.
  • Harger Howe offers customizable billing. Your invoice will not be sent to the wrong department and will not reflect another campus user's charges.

When should I begin dispensing applicants?

Hiring managers are expected to begin dispensing applicants upon initial viewing/screening. Contact your Employment Representative if you need clarity on the dispense reasons and emails that are generated to the candidates.

RFO Dispensing: All applicants except your selected candidate should be dispensed before completing the RFO. In some circumstances, you may delay dispensing interviewed candidates who are your second and third choices, but you must dispense them as soon as possible after your selected candidate formally accepts your offer.

How long should a job remain posted?

The recommended duration for job postings is no longer than 30 days before closing to additional applicants and beginning the interview process, and no longer than 60 days to select and fill your job. If viable candidates have not been identified within 60 days, the position is considered a failed search. A failed search posting should be cancelled reposted. If your job is designated "hard to fill" due to market factors or a high degree of specialization, please work closely with your Employement Representative to discuss all your posting and recruiting options.

When can I make an official job offer to the selected candidate?

An official job offer can only be made after the RFO has been approved. If a salary offer is made above the midpoint for its official pay grade, a salary exception justification must accompany the RFO.  An RFO will be submitted to Compensation for review and approval for the following reasons:

  • The job offer is either below the minimum or above the midpoint of the pay grade range
  • The job offer for an internal candidate is a lateral move with a pay increase
  • The job offer for an internal candidate results in a grade-level demotion
  • The job offer is for a salary of $150,000 or greater

What if the selected candidate declines the job offer?

If there are other viable candidates for job consideration, you may move forward with an alternative candidate. If there are no other viable candidates, the job posting will be considered a failed search and you will have the option to repost your job.

Job Repost Criteria:

  • Employment can repost a failed search posting
  • Employment can repost a job that has no viable applicants and has exceeded the 60-days recommended posting
  • Broadband and multi-postings should repost if the job is posted 6 months or longer
  • A posting with a posting date of 6 months or longer must go through the standard posting approval process unless the posting meets the aforementioned criteria

How do I proceed with Onboarding?

Once your candidate has accepted the job offer and a start date has been established, you are ready to begin the onboarding process:

  • make an official job offer using UH standardized job offer letter
  • complete the criminal history background for employment clearance
  • send candidate to the HR Service Center to complete their Employment  Eligibility (I-9) and Direct Deposit sign-up
  • have candidate complete all required paperwork for ePAR processing
  • submit ePAR for hire
  • after ePAR has been executed/approved register new employee for NHO
  • prepare to onboard new employee within their department