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New Hire Rate

Employees meeting the minimum qualifications of the job should normally be paid within the first quartile of the pay range. However, pay rates for new employees possessing qualifications in excess of the minimum qualifications may be placed at pay rates above the first quartile, with the appropriate levels of approval.

The hiring college or division has full discretion for placing a new employee's pay rate up to midpoint. Hiring rates in the third quartiles require prior approval by the Compensation Manager. Hiring rates in the fourth quartile may be established only with the approval of the director of the Human Resources Department.

In determining hiring rates, consideration will be given to the resulting position in the pay range, whether the rate allows sufficient room for future growth, and relationships to rates paid to similarly qualified or more experienced employees in the job. External salary survey data will also be considered, if it is available.

In establishing new hire rates, the University will continue to comply with all federal and state rules and regulations, including the Equal Pay Act of 1963, which prohibits pay differentials on jobs that are essentially equal in terms of skill, effort, responsibility and working conditions, except when these are the result of a bona fide seniority or merit system, or any other job-related factor other than sex.