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President's Excellence Award FAQs

Who may be nominated for a President's Excellence Award?

All benefits-eligible, non-teaching employees with at least three (3) years of university service are eligible for nomination regardless of job classification, title, or level within the organization. This includes employees from the UH central campus and UH system employees.

Who can make nominations?

Any UH employee, student, or community member may nominate a qualifying employee for President's Excellence Award consideration.

What are the qualifications necessary for award consideration?

Each award recognizes meritorious service, dedication, and contribution to the university beyond the requirements and expectations of the job. Characteristics of an employee’s performance which contribute to excellence include:

  • Superior job performance and a high degree of proficiency in their areas of responsibility;
  • Outstanding personal traits such as dedication, loyalty, reliability, courtesy, honesty, and initiative;
  • Continuous demonstration of service concepts necessary to support the department and the university;
  • Initiative in making improvements to work methods, standards, or operations; or developing new programs, services, or cost savings which enhance or support the department of the university; and
  • The ability to work cooperatively as a member of the work team

How do I complete a nomination and recommendation form?

Nomination and recommendation forms can be found online on the Human Resources, Staff Awards website (

No signatures are required for approval since the forms are electronic. All College Business and Division Administrators will be notified of employees in their area who received a nomination after the finalists have been selected.

Should you need a hardcopy version of the nomination or recommendation form, please contact the HR Service Center to request that a copy be sent to you.

What is the deadline for submitting nominations?

Completed must be received by Human Resources no later than 5:00 p.m. on 6/17/2016. In addition to the nomination form, up to four (4) recommendation forms may be submitted to provide further information for consideration. Only information provided on the approved forms will be accepted.

Who selects the winners?

The President's Excellence Award Selection Committee as approved by the Executive Director of Human Resources will evaluate all completed nomination materials submitted and select a total of eight Staff Excellence Award winners from the categories indicated below.

  • Non-exempt: Office and Clerical – 2 awards
  • Non-exempt: Technical , Service, and Craft – 2 awards
  • Exempt: Administrative and Professional – 2 awards
  • Exempt: Effective Leader (Supervisors and/or Managers) – 2 awards

Effective Leader award recipients are supervisors or managers who have demonstrated support of the university’s current leadership development initiatives, displayed excellent leadership throughout the year, and actively pursued continuous self and team improvement.

What does a President's Excellence Award winner receive?

In addition to their attendance and recognition at the Staff Awards Day ceremony and luncheon, winners will also receive a certificate and $1,000.

What does a McElhinney Award winner receive and who is qualified for nomination?

All previous President's Excellence Award recipients within the past three years will be eligible for nomination for the Charles F. McElhinney Distinguished Service Award, the highest award given for exemplary staff contribution to the university. The recipient of the C.F. McElhinney Distinguished Service Award will also attend and be recognized at the President's Awards Day ceremony, receive a plaque, and $3,000.

The President's Excellence Awards represent a meaningful and tangible way in which the university can acknowledge and reward employees for all of their hard work and dedication to the university’s student education and mission. Please take this opportunity to tell us which of your colleagues deserves such notable recognition.