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President's Excellence Award Recommendation Form

Complete the sections below to provide information in support of a nominee for a President's Award. Please note that this form is for supporting information on existing nominees. If you need to nominate someone, please go here.

Provide as much information as you are able to within the 100 word allowance under each section.

Please note that this is not a nomination form. If your candidate has not yet been nominated, please fill out the nomination form.

This recommendation is in support of the following nominee:

Recommendation Submitted by:

1. Please describe your professional affiliation with the nominee.

2. How would you describe the nominee’s professional attributes?

3. How has this nominee impacted you personally?

4. How has this nominee demonstrated excellent customer service internally and/or externally to the University?

5. How has this nominee contributed to student success, directly or indirectly?

6. Please provide any additional information or comments concerning the nominee that you would like considered.