McElhinney Distinguished Service Award Guidelines

Making a Nomination for the McElhinney Distinguished Service Award

Supervisors are responsible for reviewing the names of those employees who are eligible for the McElhinney Award. If there is some reason an employee should not be considered for the prestigious award, the supervisor must inform the Chair, Staff Awards Selection Committee as soon as possible.

A supervisor may choose to update the nominee’s file by completing a new nomination form. No new nomination is required, however, for any automatic nominee. If no new information is submitted by a supervisor for the automatic nominees, all material from their previous Staff Excellence nomination file will be considered.

A maximum of four recommendation forms may be attached to the new nomination form but are not required for the nomination to be considered. All new forms must follow the exact format, and have appropriate signatures to be considered. No more than four recommendation forms are accepted, and they must be attached to the nomination form for consideration. If more than four recommendations are received, the new nomination form and recommendation forms are returned to the supervisor to decide which four to use.

If no new nomination is received on an automatic nominee—Staff Excellence awardees for the last three years--the original file created for the nominee is pulled, a new label is typed and this file becomes the nomination file for the current year.

If the supervisor of a non-automatic nominee wishes to re-nominate a former Staff Excellence award winner they have two choices on the how to do this. The supervisor may simply request the original file be pulled and be reconsidered or the supervisor may submit a new nomination form and new recommendation forms.