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COBRA stands for Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act of 1985. It allows you and your dependents to keep your health and dental coverage under the Group Benefits Program (GBP) for a certain period of time after you leave employment. This is called “COBRA continuation coverage.”

If you choose COBRA continuation coverage, you will pay the full cost of your premium(s).

COBRA continuation coverage is limited to the benefits you have when you leave employment. For example, if you wish to continue your health coverage after you leave state employment, you have to be enrolled in a state health plan on your last day on the payroll.

After you leave employment, ERS will send you a COBRA Notification, election form and instructions for paying your premiums. Read the notice carefully and call ERS if you have questions.

Each benefit listed on the website includes a COBRA section in the plan details. Review these benefits to find out about the options available to you.