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TRAM Frequently Asked Questions


Where can I find training?

The TRAM website contains training materials for employees, PAs and TAs.   The training materials consist of manuals, online and PowerPoint trainings, as well as job aides. The official PA TA training is found on Blackboard. 

How do I register for the PA TA Blackboard Training?

From the list of PAs and TAs we received from the departments, HR group enrolled all of the individuals on the list.  Log into Blackboard.  If you do not see your name, you will need to log into P.A.S.S. and register for course SH1302.

How do I receive access as a TA/PA?  You must complete the TRAM online training (SH1302) as well as complete the PeopleSoft access form found on the HR Forms page.  This will need to be completed and signed by all necessary parties and forwarded to HRMS. 



Which method do my employees use to clock in?

Employees clock in via web clock or TCD (Time Collection Device).  The method is predetermined on their position and their department.

Where can an employee punch in?

For TCDs, an employee has access to only the TCDs in which they are assigned.  The department is responsible for assigning employees and coordinating the assignments with HRMS.

For Web clock users, an employee can clock in anywhere in which they have the ability to access P.A.S.S.

What happens when an employee forgets to clock in?

The TA and PA have the ability to enter time on behalf of the employee.

What happens if an employee clocks in when they are not at work?

This is a disciplinary issue that needs to be documented. The will cause disciplinary action up to and including termination.  Please consult your HR Generalist

What finger does the employee use to clock in on the TCD device?

HR will start with the thumb, and then move down the hand until a readable fingerprint is found.  The employee is responsible for remembering which finger is registered.  The employee will use the registered finger to clock in.  Some people have fingerprints that are unreadable in the system.  If this occurs, the employee will be able to enter the Employee ID into the TCD device manually.

Who fingerprints the TCD Users?

HR is responsible for fingerprinting the TCD users.  HR will fingerprint new hires when they arrive to complete their I9.

My employee is concerned about having fingerprints on file.

Fingerprints are only for the TCDs.  When the fingerprint is taken, it becomes and analog and only the characters are used in the system.  HR will not have any fingerprints on file.  No one will have access to the employee’s fingerprints.

Who is in charge of the TCD device?

If an employee has an issue, they have been directed to contact their supervisor.  

What happens if there is an emergency and the University loses power?

The TA and PA have access to enter time on behalf of the employee.  For TCD users, the device runs on a backup battery up to 8 hours.



When can an employee enter time into the system?

The employee will be able to start entering time into the system once they are officially hired with the University of Houston.  All hiring paperwork must be complete in order for the employee to have access to enter time. If there is a circumstance in which the employee worked before the hiring paperwork is complete, the TA will be able to enter the employee’s time manually with an explanation attached to each entry.

Why can’t I see my employee?

The employee has to be hired with the University of Houston, meaning all hiring paperwork must be complete, in order for them to show up in the system.  The employee also has to be assigned to the TA.  If you do not see the employee’s time, click on Maintain Time Approvers to review your list of Time Reporters (Employees).  If you do not see the employee on the list, you will need to add them.

Can a TA transfer an employee with absence request and time not processed?

Yes.  It is important for the TA to approve all time and absence requests before the employee is transferred.  If the employee is transferred without the time being approved, the TA will no longer have access to approve it.  The TA will need to contact HRMS.

How many proxies can be set up?

Each TA and each PA can have 1 proxy.  The proxy will have the same access as the original user.  The proxy will need to complete the same requirements (training and security form) to receive access to the system.

What happens if my student workers have different schedules daily?

 Schedules are created for each employee.  This is a required field in the system.  The system utilizes schedules for absence management to determine the hours of a leave request and for exceptions.  Exceptions only occur on bi-weekly, benefit-eligible employees. Exceptions are found on the timesheet and consist of missed punches, late first punch, and lunch breaks over 2 hours.  Schedules for non-benefit, non-eligible employees, including student workers, will not generate exceptions.

If schedules are for BE employees why do students need a schedule or if they need a schedule, why do you need to change it? 

 Schedules for NBNE Employees are created because it is a required field in the system.  Schedules can be used for the department’s benefit for tracking purposes.


What happens with my employee with multiple employee (empl) records?

Employees are responsible for entering their Empl Record when they punch in.  It is the employee responsibility to know their Empl Record for each position. Empl Records are typically one digit (0,1,2,3)



What if my department is set up to provide comp time, but I have a project that calls for overtime?

You can contact HRMS in order to create a new workgroup.  If the need arises, the PA can also go in and override the system.

How is Overtime/Comp Time calculated?

Overtime and Comp Time is calculated on a weekly basis, not by a pay period (two weeks) and not by the day.


What happens if a bi-weekly benefit eligible employee does not work 40 hours in a week due to tardiness or early departure?  Can they take unpaid leave?

According to policy, an employee cannot take unpaid leave until all comp time and vacation time is exhausted.  If the employee does not reach 40 hours, the hours will be deducted first from the comp time 1.5 bank, then from the comp time 1.0 bank.  Once the comp time is depleted, the hours will be taken from the employee’s vacation time.

What happens if a bi-weekly benefit eligible employee works over 40 hours in a week?

Employees will be paid for the hours that they work.  If the employee works over 40 hours, they will receive comp time or over time based on their department practice.  All overtime MUST be approved prior to being worked.



What e mails will the TAs and PAs receive?

The TAs and PAs will receive an email when an employee submits an Absence Request.  They will also receive the same email regarding payroll processing and when they need to approve the time.

Who do I call if there is an issue?

The TRAM website, there is a list of contacts according to the issue.



Got a question? Call the HR Service Center at 713.743.3988 or send an email to