September 23 Communication

TRAM Update from Human Resources

Human Resources is excited to announce the progress of the Time Reporting & Absence Management (TRAM) Project.  The HR and UIT teams have spent most of the summer working through technical and business process challenges.  Through the hard work of both of these teams along with the pilot groups from all campuses we have made significant progress.  Currently we are finalizing the last few technical issues, updating the training to reflect changes and preparing to roll out to the next group shortly.

The pilot groups from UH Facilities, UHPD and our component campuses have been instrumental in testing and providing feedback.  As with any pilot group they have been the front line in identifying challenges with technology, transitioning business processes to an electronic format, training and communication.  We cannot say enough about their willingness to provide feedback, assist in training upgrades and their patience with the process.  As we move forward they have committed to assist new groups by providing support and feedback in TRAM best practices.

As we identify the first additional groups to participate in the roll out, we will work with the department business managers to prepare and train those groups for a successful implementation.

Look for more TRAM information in the near future.