June 3 Bi-Weekly Communication

Good Afternoon,


The TRAM (Time Reporting and Absence Management) System is getting closer and to ensure everyone will have success getting onboard, I wanted to reach out to you regarding a few resources.  The new Time Reporting and Absence Management System will go live on June 19, 2013.  With this new change, bi-weekly employees will be responsible for clocking in via web clock or TCD (Time Collection Device).  As well, employees will be required to enter their leave requests online. 


Training for Bi-weekly employees is now available on the TRAM website.  The Bi-weekly training materials include:


If you have specific questions, HR will be conducting Bi-Weekly Question & Answer sessions on June 6, 2013.  Employees interested in attending can go online via PASS and register for the course TRAM Bi-Weekly Q&A Session (HH1307). 


We thank you for your assistance in making the TRAM transition a success. 


Thank you,