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HRMS Training Materials

PeopleSoft Benefit Program at UHS

Looking up Missing Account Codes for Suspense
UHS State and Local Fund Mapping

College Division Codes
Department Business Manager Monthly Checklist (excel doc)
Directions to the Schlumberger Building

NRA Department Guidelines (word doc)
NRA Employee Guidelines (word doc)

P.A.S.S. Fact Sheet
W2 Print/Reprint (pdf)
Update W4's (pdf)
W-2 Consent Agreement (pdf)
Electronic W-2
2005 W-2
New Hires W4 Information (pdf)

Payroll mailing address
Encumbrance Calculation
Federal Tax Withholding from Pay
Overtime Calculation (excel doc)
Program Codes for Pay Distribution
Payroll Reallocation (pdf)
Procedures for Proper Handling of Paychecks
Timesheet Correction Form (pdf)
Understanding Your Pay Statement
Time and Labor-
Time Reporter Setup Guide
Time Approver Setup Guide
Payroll Approver Setup Guide
Time & Labor FAQs
Time Reporter Training

Change Password 8.9
Instructions Favorite Options 8.9 (pdf)
Security Access Instructions
Security Access Instructions (pdf)
Query 8.9
Helpful Hints and Tables (pdf)
Helpful HR Queries
HR Legacy Data
Legacy Tables: Legacy Data in PS (pdf)
PS Query Hints for HMRS (pdf)
Query Basics 8.9 (pdf)
Action/Reason Codes (pdf)
Standard HRS to FTE Calculation Chart (excel doc)
Valid Values for Empl Class and Officer Code
Instructions for Printing HR Forms 8.9 (pdf)
Instructions for PAR Navigation and Printing 8.9 (pdf)
Instructions for PRF Navigation and Printing 8.9 (pdf)
Instructions for RAF Navigation and Printing 8.9
PAR Update (pdf)

Action Reason by REG/TEMP Empl Class (excel doc)
Additional Pay Earn Codes (excel doc)
CWS Job Codes (excel doc)
Empl Classes (excel doc)
Form Statuses (excel doc)

Valid Values (pdf)
Payroll Reallocation Report 8.9 (pdf)
Benefits By Account Report 8.9 (pdf)
HR Report Summary 8.9 (pdf)
HR Reports and Navigation 8.9 (excel doc)
Instructions for Running the BOB Report 8.9 (pdf)
Leave Accrual Report Instructions 8.9 (pdf)
Labor Distribution Report 8.9 (pdf)
Payroll Account Report Printing Instructions 8.9 (pdf)
Print Leave Accrual Report for Prior Months (pdf)
Running the Journal Detail Report Instructions 8.9 (pdf)
Running the Fiscal Year Suspense Report Instructions 8.9 (pdf)
Running the Trial and Final Payroll Reports by Department 8.9 (pdf)
The 60 Day Suspense Report 8.9 (pdf)
Downloading Reports to Excel
Name and Address Change Report 8.9 (pdf)
HR Audit Report Error Messages (excel doc)
Set Up Default Printer 8.9 (pdf)

Fringe Benefit Calculator (excel doc)
HR Account and Suspense Maintenance



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