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Benefits - Prescription Costs What should my prescriptions cost?

Your prescription drug coverage is provided through Caremark. Once your health insurance take effect, you will receive a single health care/prescription card.

There is an annual deductible of $50 per participant that must be satisfied before the copayments take effect. The deductible is reset to $50 at the start of each plan year (September 1).

Once the deductible is satisfied, your copayment depends on:

  • Prescription tier: 1, 2 or 3
  • Supply size: maintenance medication taken monthly vs one-time medication
  • How your receive your order: local drug store vs home delivery

For moreinformation about prescription pricing, go to the ERS website.


If you need additional information or assistance, please call HR Customer Service at 713-743-3988 and ask for an appointment with a Benefits representative.