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Benefits - Preauthorization My plan requires that I get preauthorization for surgery. My physician told me that I need this surgery but my plan will not authorize it. What can I do?

First, have your doctor contact the plan to discuss the situation. You and your doctor can provide your plan with information to support your contention that the surgery should be authorized, such as medical records that indicate the need for the surgery, and ask your plan to reconsider its decision.

If the plan reconsiders its decision but continues to uphold its denial, and after considering the plan's rationale you still disagree, consult the disputed claims section of your plan's brochure or website for specific information on how to write to the Office of Personnel Management to for a review of your the claim.


If you need additional information or assistance, please call HR Customer Service at 713-743-3988 and ask for an appointment with a Benefits representative.