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Benefits - Evidence of Insurability What is Evidence of Insurability, and will I need to provide it?

An Evidence of Insurability (EOI) form provides your medical history to an insurance company so they can deterimine allowable coverage. You will need to fill out an EOI form if:

  • You waived health coverage for yourself or a dependent during intitial enrollment and had no insurance at the time of request.
  • Want to elect 3 or 4 times your annual salary for optional life insurance
  • Want to elect dependent life insurance after initial enrollment
  • You waive short or long term disability during initial enrollment
The EOI form can be found online or can be requested in the HR Service center at 325 McElhinney Hall.


Need additional assistance? Call the HR Service Center at 713-743-3988 to discuss your situation in greater detail or to schedule an appointment with a Benefits representative.