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ERS Tobacco Users Certification Steps

1. In order to make changes to your benefits during open enrollment and/or certify your tobacco use, you will need to log into ERS at:


Register (if you haven’t already) by clicking on “Register” under Not Registered:


2. The first step will be to “Verify Contact Information:”

 NOTE:  Use the same address that you have in PASS.

3. Next you “Enter Proof of Identity:”


4.  Then “Select Username and Password:”

5.  Once you verify your information, you will then be returned to the main log in screen and requested to “Sign In:”


6. Under My Insurance Information, click on “Tobacco Users Certification:”

7.  On the Tobacco Users Certification page, check “Yes” or “No” to accurately indicate your status as a tobacco user or non-user and do the same for all your dependents:


8. Click Save.

9. You can also call ERS at 877/275-4377 to certify. 

10. Reporting fraud—If you have witnessed someone insured through the GBP, including a dependent, using a tobacco product five or more times within the past three consecutive months, please report this information to ERS.