Have a Catered Meal at an Event on Campus

  1. Make Decisions about the Event you will reserve a room for…
    1. What Kind of Event will it be?
      1. Where on campus will it be held?
      2. How many people will attend?
      3. Will Food be served?
      4. Will alcoholic beverages be served?
      5. Will decorations be needed?
      6. What is your budget?
    2. Also see the Checklist about Holding An Event On Campus
    3. Event-Related Policies & Procedures
      1. Serving Alcohol
        1. Registration of Alcoholic Beverage Distribution Form must be completed and filed in the Dean of Students Office at least 15 business days in advance of the event.  Form can be obtained in Dean of Students’ Office
        2. Please read the list of rules and regulations documented on the above website link
  2. Catering
    1. Take a moment to consider the number of people you will serve and the kind of foods that may be appropriate for the type of event being hosted.
    2. University of Houston Catering, provided by ARAMARK
      1. Catering Menu
      2. Catering Office: 832-842-5998
      3. Please place your order at least three (3) days prior to your event.  We will certainly do our best to accommodate any reasonable last-minute requests.
      4. Flatware, Linen, and China Rental are also available
      5. Special Decorations or special requests, such as themes and related items, requested linen, fresh flowers, ice carvings, etc. can be made available and will be charged accordingly.