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Living Learning Programs

Students have the opportunity to participate in Living Learning Programs. These programs are designed to allow students to live in a residential community with other students who share their interests and academic goals. There are two different types of Living Learning Programs:

  • Living Learning Communities (LLCs) are a residential experience that offer students interested in a shared topic the opportunity to live together in a dedicated residential area. LLCs support high levels of interaction between students, increased interaction with faculty outside of the classroom, and increased opportunities to learn where you live such as a shared class on the given topic, study groups, and programming. Students must apply to live in LLCs and adhere to the requirements set within the community.
  • Theme Communities are a residential experience that offer students who have similar academic interests or lifestyle preferences the opportunity to live and study together. Theme Communities provide participating students with co-curricular activities that may be initiated and led by either students or by university faculty/staff. There is no application process or requirements for students in the Theme Communities, and students will self-assign to live in the Theme Communities by choosing the rooms designated for these communities.


Honors College

Approximately 30 percent of Honors College freshmen choose to live on campus. By living in the Honors College LLCs, students will have the opportunity to be a part of a close-knit community by way of informal gatherings, social activities, and cultural events. Students must be accepted into the Honors College or be a National Merit Scholar, Terry Scholar, or a Tier One student to reside in Honors College Housing. The Honors LLCs are housed in Cougar Village I and Cougar Place. For more information about joining the Honors College, click here.

Chinese Language

This community is open to undergraduates studying Chinese and to Chinese-speaking international students. Students have an opportunity to connect, speak Chinese, and exchange knowledge about Chinese culture. This LLC is recommended for students taking courses in the Chinese Studies program and for international students who want to share their culture and build friendships with students of Chinese. This community is housed in Cougar Village I. To apply to live in the Chinese Language LLC, email

Cougar Experience Scholars

Student success is the University of Houston’s biggest priority, and the Cougar Experience Scholarship was created for students who strive to make campus a more vibrant environment. The Cougar Experience Scholar LLC is for all students who have been awarded the Cougar Experience Scholarship, which covers part of the cost of living on campus. The Cougar Experience Scholar LLC is a community that promotes campus engagement, lifelong friendships, and academic success. Like every scholarship, the Cougar Experience Scholarship will decrease students’ financial stress and allow them to better concentrate on their education and campus activities, but it is also a unique way to encourage them to build an even stronger campus community that benefits all Coogs. This community is housed in Cougar Village II. To apply to be a part of this community, click here.

Cougar Recovery Community

This community living option is for students who choose to live a sober life. Students who live in the Cougar Recovery LLC are in recovery and are committed to continuing this lifestyle through college. Focus on this floor will be on community members engaging in productive campus groups and activities. Students who live in this LLC must be actively participating in a 12 step program and committed to participating in the floor community. This community is housed in Cougar Place. To apply to live in this LLC, email John Shiflet at

Gender Diversity Community

The Gender Diversity LLC welcomes students of all gender identities and expressions who are seeking a safe, inclusive, comfortable, and supportive living environment. This may include students who identify as male, female, trans, gender non-conforming, or non-binary. Members will be able to explore expanded definitions and roles of gender in society, and engage community members in critical dialogues. Opportunities for community building, educational programming, and social events will be available throughout the year. This community will also have direct connections to campus support services and academic departments on campus. This community is housed in Cougar Place. To apply to live in the Gender Diversity LLC, email


Do you love where you live? Living in the Impact learning community will give you the chance to explore the city of Houston in a new way. Together we will explore one of the most culturally diverse cities through participating in service projects and learning about all that Houston has to offer. We will focus on a variety of social issues throughout the year including hunger and homelessness, health and wellness, children and education, and the environment and sustainability. As we explore each social issue, you will learn how to think globally and act locally to have a positive impact on your community. This community will be housed in Cougar Village I. To apply to live in the Impact LLC, email

International House

The International House is for any students interested in living in a community that brings domestic and international students together. This unique environment will allow students to learn about differing ideas, cultures, and experiences. Students who live in the International House will be equipped to become leaders for global engagement. This community will be housed in Bayou Oaks. To apply to live in the International House LLC, email

Medicine and Society

This community is for students who are pursuing the Medicine & Society minor within the Honors College. The Medicine & Society Program at Houston promotes an interdisciplinary understanding of health and health care through academic courses, research, fieldwork (including domestic travel and study abroad), student internships, scholarly and public conferences, visiting speakers, and an electronic portal with online information and materials. Affiliated faculty from the University of Houston, the University of Texas Health Science Center, local research hospitals, and other health care institutions provide students with the necessary tools to become informed and thoughtful graduates who have a comprehensive grasp of health care challenges and opportunities, locally, regionally, nationally, and globally. This community is housed in Cougar Place. For more information about joining the Medicine and Society LLC, click here.

Theatre Community                                                                                                                           

The Theatre Community is for students who have a declared Theatre major. This community is geared toward First Year Theatre Majors with pre-professional aspirations. The community will provide opportunity for students in various theatre areas (Acting, Playwriting/Dramaturgy, Theatre Education, Stage Management & Technical Production) to collaborate on projects and rehearse in spaces specifically dedicated for that purpose. The Theatre Community is housed in Cougar Village II.  For more information about joining the Theatre Community, click here.



This living option is for students with a declared major in the C.T. Bauer College of Business. Special events and programs are determined by students working in collaboration with their resident assistant and their Theme advisor. Activities may include business-related workshops and lectures, resume and internship workshops, Business Student Organization events and Bauer sponsored events. This community is housed in Cougar Village II CVN 411-418.


Students are expected to assist their resident assistant and an advisor in designing programs and events that have broad appeal and are educational for members of this Theme Community. Other activities may include field trips, attending university lectures and cultural events, and participation in intramural sports. Students who are exploring or actively pursuing any of the vast number of Engineering and Technology degrees the university offers are encouraged to select to live in this community. This community is housed in Cougar Village II CVN 211-218.

Hotel and Restaurant Management

This living option is for students in the Conrad H. Hilton School of Hotel and Restaurant Management. Students are taking a core group of classes together, and living together will facilitate study groups and attendance at the college’s many events. Students on this floor will participate in co-curricular programs designed to further their experience and learning in the field of HRM. This community is housed in Cougar Village I CVN 201-231.

Natural Sciences Majors

Students who live in this community are majors in the College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics. Students will find it easy to meet other NSM majors with similar goals and in similar classes so that they can easily fascilitate study groups. Programs offered to these students will be directed by an advisor from NSM, who will tailor programs to the unique needs of NSM students to include advising and career exploration opportunities. This community is housed in Cougar Village I CVN 301-318.

NSM Pre Health Professions

This community is geared toward students in the College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics who have pre-professional aspirations. This community will be guided by an Advisor from NSM, who will provide programs and experiences that complement the classes being taken by these students along with an eye toward further study in health professions such as medical school, dental school, veterinary school, pharmacy school, and optometry school. This community is housed in Cougar Village II CVN 611-618.