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Undergraduate Research Day 2016


Information for UH Undergraduate Research Day 2016 Presenters

Below is information for any student presenting at UH Undergraduate Research Day on October 13, 2016.

VOLUNTEERS? If any student presenters are able to volunteer during the day, email the Office of Undergraduate Research. The most critical need is from 8 a.m. - 10 a.m. on the 13th to hang posters.

INVITE GUESTS. It is up to the student presenters to invite their faculty mentors, friends, family, professors and classmates to the event. Visitors should park at the Welcome Center parking structure.

Polo shirts should be picked-up from the Office of Undergraduate Research beginning Monday, October 10th. The Office is located at Room 212W in the Honors College. Every presenter wears a red Undergraduate Research Day polo. Presenters must register and pick up their shirts no later than the day before the event (Oct. 13). Presenters will sign a FERPA and photo release form when picking up the shirt. This allows the Office to share pictures of presenters at the event to the campus community.

DRESS CODE. Presenters will wear their Undergraduate Research Day polo shirts at the event. Shirts can be picked up at Room 212W in the Honors College beginning Oct. 10. Students must wear khakis, slacks and skirts; jeans and shorts are not appropriate.

VISUAL AIDS. If presenters need a table for the event because they will have a visual aid, such as a model or laptop, please let the Office of Undergraduate Research know asap. 

EVENT DAY - Oct 13
All poster presenters must arrive between 2:30-3:00p.m. to the Rockwell Pavilion on Thursday the 13th. If a presenter will be later than 3 p.m. because of a class conflict, let the Office of Undergraduate Research know.

FIRST presenters drop off purses, book bags, and other belongings to the Honors College Student Services Office. A student has been assigned to watch the belongings during the event. 

NEXT sign-in at the registration desk. The registration desk is located at the top of the stairs near the Honors College in front of the Rockwell Pavilion. Presenters will be asked to sign-in, and the staff will show presenters where their posters are located, and distribute name-tags. Posters will already be pinned and displayed for presenters before they arrive for the event.

ASSEMBLY At 3:25 p.m. Student presenters will meet in the Rockwell Pavilion for opening and welcome remarks. Then presenters will go to their posters, and present from 4-6p.m. Students take their posters with them when they leave. 

POSTER EVENT 4-6p.m. Students will stand by their posters for most of the event. They should plan their 2-3-minute remarks in advance for the people who will be viewing their posters. They should include information about the significance of their research, the problem(s) they were trying to address, how they addressed the problem(s), and what the findings were.  And most importantly, this is the time for presenters to talk about how they spent time working on an independent, creative research project. At 6p.m. presenters will assist in cleaning up after the event. 

Oral presenters must arrive by 4p.m. Presentations begin at 5p.m. When you arrive, check-in at the registration table located at the top of the stairs to get your Research Day name badge. Each presentation should last approx. 7 minutes and will be followed by 3 minutes of questions. (The general rule of thumb is that one slide = one minute. Your moderator will let you know when you have 2 minutes remaining, 1 minute remaining, and when your time is up.) The oral sessions will take place in Rooms 212S, 212L, and 212J in the Honors College.

POSTER AWARDS. Poster judges will view students' posters before the event. The winners will have a ribbon on their poster by the start of the event. During the event, winners of Audience's Favorite Poster will be recognized.

EXPECTATIONS. Student presenters are expected to conduct themselves professionally. They are the undergraduate research ambassadors for the University of Houston. It is their job to convey to the campus community why they were chosen to present at this event.

THANK YOU. We thank the Office of the Provost, the Division of Research, and the Honors College for their support of the Office of Undergraduate Research and this exciting celebration day.

For more information regarding Undergraduate Research Day, contact Karen Weber, Director of the Office of Undergraduate Research, 713.743.3367.