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BoBI Summer Research Program

BoBI Undergraduate Scholarship Program: Deadline March 23, 2018
The Biology of Behavior Institute (BoBI) and the Office of Undergraduate Research are offering a summer scholarship to one continuing UH sophomore, junior, or senior student to participate in a 10-week research program during the summer of 2018. The research must be conducted in the laboratory of one of the BoBI faculty members,, and the project must have a strong behavioral and/or neurobiological component. The BoBI Undergraduate Scholar will receive a $4000 fellowship to conduct a full-time project during the ten-week program, and hence will not be able to enroll for course credit or receive credit for the summer research. Current SURF applicants who are applying with a BoBI faculty mentor may also apply to this program. Applicants must have at least a 3.0 gpa. The deadline to submit an application for the BoBI Undergraduate Scholar program is Friday, March 23, 2018.  

BoBI Undergraduate Scholar Program Requirements:
1. Attend the Annual Biology of Behavior Research Symposium/Scientific Retreat 
2. Attend Brown Bag Lectures each Wednesday from noon-1 p.m. in the Honors College, June 4-August 10
3. Present a research poster at UH Undergraduate Research Day on October 18, 2018
4. Participate in the BoBI Student Symposium

How to Apply:
Visit to learn more about the BoBI faculty and their research. Once you find a faculty member you would like to work with, send an email to inquire if he or she is interested in working with you as a BoBI Undergraduate Scholar. Please only email one BoBI faculty member for this opportunity. The email should include:
1.  Your contact information
2.  Unofficial transcript
3.  One page resume (should include any honors received, academic pursuits, on and off campus activities, and any previous research experience)
4.  An explanation in the body of the email of what specifically about the professor’s research is of particular interest to you and why you would you be a good fit for the position 

BoBI Undergraduate Scholar Application:
Once you have secured a BoBI faculty mentor, the application consists of:
1. 500-word abstract on the proposed summer research. This abstract should be written by the student, but in consultation with the BoBI faculty sponsor. Competitive applications will address a problem relevant to the research mission of BoBI.
2. Unofficial transcript
Abstract and transcript should be emailed to Dr. Jenn Asmussen, at the Office of Undergraduate Research, at no later than March 23, 2018.
3. Letter of recommendation from the BoBI Faculty sponsor. This letter will be emailed directly by the faculty sponsor to Jenn Asmussen,    

BoBI Research Mission Statement:
It is the mission of the Biology of Behavior Institute to promote research directed at understanding animal behavior from four different perspectives:
1. The molecular, neural, and endocrine mechanisms of behavior,
2. The acquisition or development of the behavior with the organism,
3. The function of the behavior for the organism, and
4. The evolution of the behavior within and among species.  
Significant progress can be made in the understanding behavior through any one of these four perspectives, but it is our belief that faster progress and a more complete understanding of the biology of a behavior can only be achieved through the application of all four perspectives. Each single perspective informs the other three, and together they provide deep and intellectually satisfying insights into how and why an animal behaves in a specific way.

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