Scholarships for Public Service

American Association of University Women - grants for activities that promote education and equity for women 

American Bar Association - listing of scholarships for minority students planning on attending or currently attending law school

APSANET Minority Undergraduate Fellowships - political science for Ph.D.; minority students

Bulletin of Atomic Scientists/Leonard M. Rieser Fellowship in Science, Technology, and Global Security - an award for undergraduates exploring issues at the intersection of science, global security, and public policy, focusing on a significant aspect of nuclear security, climate stabilization or biotechnology

Carnegie Endowment Junior Fellows Program - graduating seniors; international relations

Coro Fellows Program - 9 month post graduate public service training program

Council on Foreign Affairs International Affairs Fellowship - working on specific topics for various areas

Critical Languages Scholarship - offers funding for language study overseas

David Boren - NSEP - study abroad for all students in a county outside of Western Europe with a vested interest in national security

Davis-Putter Scholarship Fund - award for campus activists with financial need

Echoing Green Fellowship Program - funds two year start-up public service program

Environmental Protection Agency - undergraduate & graduate funding for students pursuing careers related to protecting environment; variety of awards available

Ford Foundation Predoctoral Fellowships for Minorities - PhD in variety of disciplines

Frugal Dad - a $5,000 scholarship based on academic achievement and the quality of the application.

Fulbright - study abroad for graduate study in over 140 countries

Gates Cambridge - 1-4 years of graduate study at Cambridge

Government Finance Officers Association - undergraduate and graduate students in public administration, (governmental) accounting, finance, political science, economics, or business administration

Hearst Endowed Scholarship for Minority Students - public service, undergraduate and graduate students who are members of minority groups

Humanity in Action Fellowship (HIA) American Core Program - all majors; interested in human rights

Huntington Public Service Award - one year public service activity anywhere internationally 

Institute for Humane Studies - up to $12,000 for undergraduate or graduate study for students 

Jennings Randolph Senior Fellowship Program - ten-month opportunity to spend time in residence at the United States Institute of Peace, reflecting and writing on pressing international peace and security challenges

Sheila C. Johnson Leadership Fellowship - full-tuition support, living stipend, and leadership training for students who are admitted to a degree program at the Harvard Kennedy School

Marshall - 2 years of graduate study at an institution in U.K.

McKelvie - undergraduate and graduate award for students pursuing careers in public sector

Metro Undergraduate Scholarship - Juniors and seniors with a major discipline related to foreign affairs

Mitchell - 1 year of graduate study in Ireland

Payne International Development Fellowship Program - for all majors, funding for international development masters degree for USAID Foreign Service Officer Program

Phi Kappa Phi - award toward graduate funding

Pickering Foreign Affairs Fellowship - career in Foreign Service

PPIA - public service; ethnic based award

Rangel International Affairs Fellowship - graduate study in public policy; international affairs; economics; political science

Rhodes - 2-3 years of graduate study at Oxford

Rotary - academic and practical training to prepare fellows for leadership roles in solving conflicts around the world

J.W. Saxe - undergraduate and graduate award for students in public service

Scoville Peace Fellowship - stipends for recent grads; spend six to nine months in Washington serving as full-time junior staff members at the participating organization of their choice

Simon Fellowship for Noble Purpose - funding for pursuit of a goal that will strengthen civil society

Soros - graduate funding for new Americans

Talbots - scholarship for women returning to college later in life 

Truman - graduate funding for students pursuing a career in public service

US Department of Homeland Security Undergraduate Scholarship - scholarship for students interested in protecting the rights of American citizens

White House Fellowship Program - provides first-hand experience at the highest levels of the Federal Government 


If you have any questions, or would like more information on these awards please contact Karen Weber at the Office of Undergraduate Research or at 713-743-3367.