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Rhodes Scholarship

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UH Campus Preferred Deadline: May 10, 2013
UH Campus Deadline: August 26, 2013
National Deadline: October 2, 2013 

Each year 32 young Americans are selected as Rhodes Scholars for their outstanding scholarly achievements and their leadership potential to receive full financial support to pursue a degree at the University of Oxford in the United Kingdom.

Important Notes:
Candidates must be nominated by the Office of Undergraduate Research to apply. Contact the Office of Undergraduate Research for more information.

Eligible candidates should:
  • Be U.S. citizens; pending citizenship does not qualify.
  • Be at least 18 but not yet 24 years of age (i.e., the applicant must still be 23 on October 1 in the year of application).
  • Be sufficiently advanced academically to assure completion of a bachelor’s degree before October 1 in the year following election.
  • Demonstrate academic excellence, leadership abilities, and concern for the greater good.
To Apply:
  1. Review the information and instructions online.
  2. Schedule an appointment to meet with a representative from the Office of Undergraduate Research
  3. At the meeting:
    • Plan to provide the names of five to eight (5 – 8) letter writers.
    • Bring in a résumé listing awards, honors, activities, research, jobs, service, leadership, hobbies, etc. 


Contact the Office of Undergraduate Research if you’re interested in applying for this scholarship.