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Developmental Programs and Internships

The Honors College's Office of Undergraduate Research is committed to assisting students in finding and applying for scholastic internships as well as other enrichment opportunities such as selecting external research programs, scholarships, volunteering or service projects, and summer programs. Please contact the Office of Undergraduate Research at 713-743-3367 or email us at if you would like more information on any of the opportunities listed on our website.

AIESEC - internationally student run global organization geared toward providing students with international internships

Alfa Fellows Program - fellowships to work in Russia in the fields of business, economics, journalism, law, public policy, and government

Robert Bosch Fellowship - intensive work and study program in Germany

Congress-Bundestag Youth Exchange - education and professional training in Germany

Coro Fellows Program - 9 month post graduate public service training program

DAAD InternXchange - a summer internship for German-speaking journalism students

DC Internships - internships in Washington, DC and courses from Georgetown University

Émigré Memorial German Internship Program - offers internship opportunities for US and Canadian students in the German parliament

Environmental Law Institute - variety of internships for students interested in environmental law and governance

Hearst Scholarship/Internship for Minority Students - Washington, DC internship/scholarship; public service

Institute for Humane Studies - internships for reporting/writing; film and TV production

JET Program - 1 year program in Japan assisting in local schools or in local government organizations

Kennedy School Public Policy and Leadership Conference - freshmen and sophomores interested in public policy and international affairs

Koch Summer Fellow Program - internships in public policy and nonprofit leadership, located in Washington, DC, and at state-based policy organizations across the country

Luce Scholars Program - individualized professional placement in Asia for a year

Match Education Tutoring Fellowship - join a full-time, in-school, professional tutoring corps

Math for America - earn teaching credential and Master's degree while teaching math at an institution in New York City

NATO Internship Programme - internships with the international staff at NATO Headquarters in Brussels

NCSE - internships for working with scientists, environmentalists, and politicians in DC and on Capitol Hill

ORAU - scholarships and internships for all sciences

Partnership for Public Service - clearinghouse for federal jobs and internships

Pasteur Foundation - summer internships for rising seniors studying the biomedical sciences

PPIA Junior Summer Institute - prepares students for graduate studies in public policy and international affairs

Princeton in Asia - fellowships for recent graduates for teaching, journalism, international development and business 

Princeton in Latin America -  public sector fellowships for full year development work

Rangel International Affairs Summer Enrichment Program - six-week undergraduate program in international affairs

Russ Energy and the Environment Fellowship - Ohio University's graduate fellowship for the energy sector

SULI Internships - year-round DOE-sponsored internship opportunities for students in STEM fields

Southern Education Foundation - non-profit and foundation internships

Teach for America - earn teaching certificate while teaching through at an institution affiliated with corps program

U.S. Department of Justice - the U.S. Department of Justice's listing of summer volunteering positions  

Washington Center - internships in Washington DC for course credit

WINS - Washington Internship for Native American students, summer programs in science and other fields

WISH - listing of internships in Washington DC; WISH offers housing options to interns, students and teachers in DC


If you have any questions, or would like more information on these awards please contact Dr. Jennifer Asmussen at the Office of Undergraduate Research.