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Houston Scholar: Daniel Scott


"Through the generous funding of Houston Scholars, I’ve been given the opportunity to kindle my passion for Chinese language and culture through a five-week language immersion program in Beijing, China. I hope that this will be my first step of many towards contributing to the cultural exchange and understanding between American and foreign physicists."

Major: Mathematics and Physics 
Houston Scholars Project: 
Summer Language Study at Beijing Youth Politics College
Advisor:  Dr. Jing Zhang 

Daniel Scott is a dual mathematics and physics major with a passion for learning Chinese. Daniel successfully balances his STEM and Chinese courses while simultaneously conducting research under the mentorship of Dr. Wei-Kan Chu at the Texas Center for Superconductivity Ion Beam Laboratory. Currently, Daniel is working to synthesize metallic nanoparticle alloys using the process of ion implantation. He is also studying the optical properties of these nanoparticle alloys for application use.

Future Direction:  This summer, Daniel will travel to Beijing Youth Politics College to advance his Chinese language skills. Ultimately, Daniel would like to complete his graduate studies in physics at one of the China’s elite C9 universities. 

About Houston Scholars

Supported by the Provost's Office and the Honors College, the Houston Scholars program is designed to bolster students’ academic and professional goals through faculty mentoring, research proposal development, and a semester discussion series led by University of Houston faculty from across the campus. Houston Scholars will also learn about national and international award opportunities, and receive assistance in developing applications for competitive programs.

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