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Houston Scholar: Serrae Reed


Major: Mechanical Engineering
Houston Scholars Project: 
Growing Anti-Reflection Coatings for Thin Film Photovoltaics on Flexible Substrates
Advisor: Dr. Venkat Selvamanickam and Dr. Pavel Dutta

During the 2016 spring and fall semesters, Serrae Reed will be conducting research on solar cells and the efficiency in which light is harvested for energy production. Under the mentorship of Dr. Venkat Selvamanickam, Serrae will be experimenting with the thickness of anti-reflection coatings on thin film solar cells. Anti-reflection coatings assist with solar energy production by decreasing the amount of incident light that is reflected at the surface of the solar cell. The ultimate goal of this study is to increase the efficiency and reduce the cost of thin film solar cells by improving the use of anti-reflection coating technology.

Future Direction:  Upon graduation, Serrae would like to pursue a graduate degree in renewable energy or petroleum engineering.

About Houston Scholars

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