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Houston Scholar: Yousf Radwan


Major: Chemistry 
Houston Scholars Project: 
Attending the 251st American Chemical Society National Meeting and Exposition
Advisor: Dr. Tom Teets

For his Houston Scholars experience, Yousf Radwan is attending the 251st American Chemical Society (ACS) National Meeting in San Diego, California. Yousf has been conducting inorganic chemistry research since his freshman year under the mentorship of Dr. Tom Teets here at the University of Houston. In fact, some of his research was recently published in the journal of Inorganic Chemistry. As an attendee of the ACS conference, Yousf hopes to expand his knowledge of computer programs that have the ability to resolve crystal structures. Additionally, Yousf understands the usefulness of collaboration in research and hopes to expand his scientific network at the ACS meeting. Yousf also hopes to present his most recent research at the 252nd ACS National Meeting and Exposition in Philadelphia in August 2016.

Future Direction:  Yousf is a sophomore and is majoring in chemistry. Upon graduation, Yousf intends on pursuing a Ph.D. in chemistry.

About Houston Scholars

Supported by the Provost's Office and the Honors College, the Houston Scholars program is designed to bolster students’ academic and professional goals through faculty mentoring, research proposal development, and a semester discussion series led by University of Houston faculty from across the campus. Houston Scholars will also learn about national and international award opportunities, and receive assistance in developing applications for competitive programs.

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