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Houston Scholar: Thao Nguyen


“Houston Scholars has helped me to pursue my research interests in social psychology and take steps towards my career goals.”

Major: Psychology 
Houston Scholars Project: 
Can Weak Ties Facilitate Goal Progress?
Advisor: Dr. Raymond Knee

Personal well-being and accomplishing one’s goals are achievements that certainly many people aspire to; which is why sophomore psychology student, Thao Nguyen, is researching the relationship between the two.  Thao intends to recruit and collect survey data (using a structured, daily diary method) on 100 undergraduates over the course of two weeks.  At the conclusion of the data-collection, and under the mentorship of Dr. Raymond Knee and student Zachary Baker, Thao will conduct multilevel modeling analyses to test associations between “weak ties” (which are associated with personal well-being) and goal attainment.  Thao intends to prepare the study for presentation at the Society for Personality and Social Psychology, as well as for publication in professional journals.  Thao intends to pursue a doctoral degree in social psychology in order to become a social psychology researcher and professor, with a focus on self-determination theory and moral psychology.

About Houston Scholars

Supported by the Provost's Office and the Honors College, the Houston Scholars program is designed to bolster students’ academic and professional goals through faculty mentoring, research proposal development, and a semester discussion series led by University of Houston faculty from across the campus. Houston Scholars will also learn about national and international award opportunities, and receive assistance in developing applications for competitive programs.

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