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Houston Scholar: Aqib Hasnain


"Our project is focused on studying the displacement flow of immiscible fluids in tubes to classify flow regimes that have not been experimentally studied." 

Major: Mechanical Engineering
Houston Scholars Project: 
Mixing and Interpenetration of immiscible Fluids in Inclined Tubes
Advisor: Dr. Kamran Alba

Aqib Hasnain is a junior, mechanical engineering student, and aspiring fluid dynamicist. This summer, Aqib will be conducting research under the guidance of Dr. Kamran Alba at the University of Houston Complex Fluids Lab. The goal of Aqib’s research is to define the fundamental, quantitative parameters associated with the mixing of immiscible fluids, like oil and water. This type of research will benefit the oil and gas industry as it works to develop more environmentally friendly on-shore drilling practices.

Future Direction:  Upon graduation, Aqib would like to obtain a Ph.D. in the field of fluid mechanics in the United States or abroad.

About Houston Scholars

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