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Houston Scholar: Nicholas Daily


Major: Philosophy | Phroenesis Minor
Houston Scholars Project: 
Daoud and Camus; Theories of Rebellion and Revolution in Existentialist and Postcolonial Literature
Advisor:  Dr. Hayan Charara

Sophomore and Philosophy major Nicholas Daily plans to deepen his understanding of Albert Camus’ work, particularly in the context of Algerian postcolonialism.  Nicholas will conduct archival research on Camus’ (mostly unpublished) correspondences during the years of the Algerian fight for independence at the Camus Centre Albert Camus at the Cite du Livre d’Aix-en-Provence.  Additionally, his research project will examine the ways that postcolonial Algerian thinking and writing confronts Camus’ philosophical texts, and to understand Camus’ work within its greater historical context.  Prior to this, Nicholas will spend the summer of 2016 researching postcolonial work, focusing primarily on postcolonial literature and Algerian history written from the Algerian perspective.  Nicholas believes that understanding the tensions between postcolonial and western thought, as expressed through literature and historical documents, can be a critical component to understanding better the growing tensions between western and Islamic relations, today. 

Future Direction:  At the conclusion of his research, Nicholas intends to prepare a scholarly article for submission to an academic journal that can also be included in his application to either a PhD program in philosophy or to law school. 

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