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Thesis Studio Program

Senior Honors Thesis Studio Program

Often times during the thesis process, you may feel lost, overwhelmed, and confused by the process. To address this issue, the University of Houston Writing Center and the Honors College have partnered together to offer you a learning environment in which you have the opportunity to actively dialogue and collaborate on your research and writing with your peers in a close-knit setting. 

Studios consist of small groups of thesis students engaged in the research and writing process. In a studio, you become a member of a community made up of fellow researchers and writers who assist one another in exploring ideas and engaging in research, responding to and evaluating the text, and working with each member to determine the ideal form for their thesis. The group members actually determine the tone and pace of the thesis studio. A studio facilitator participates to help guide the discussions, but the sessions revolve around the needs of the members. Facilitators are typically graduates who conducted theses as undergraduates. 

It is expected that thesis students will participate in the thesis studio program. This is a service provided to thesis students by the Writing Center and the Honors College, so it is assumed thesis participants will take advantage of this opportunity. Students who successfully complete the studio program by attending all sessions both semesters will receive a $150 thesis binding reimbursement.

Calendar for 2017-2018

Fall 2017 Semester Spring 2018 Semester

Orientation for First Semester 
Thesis Students:

Friday, September 8th at 2-3p.m. (Rescheduled Date and Time)
(Studio presentation in Honors College Commons Area)
Group Sign-Ups OPEN: Friday, Septmeber 8th (after orientation)
Group Sign-Ups CLOSE: Wednesday, September 13th, 5:00pm

Orientation for First Semester 
Thesis Students:

Friday, January 19th at 2-3 p.m.
(No studio presentation in Honors College)
Group Sign-Ups OPEN: Friday, January 19th (after orientation)
Group Sign-Ups CLOSE: Wednesday, January 24th, 5:00pm

Thesis Studio Meetings: Thesis Studio Meetings:

Week 1: September 25-29

Week 2: October 9-13

Week 3: October 23-27

Week 4: November 6-10


Week 1: January 29-February 2

Week 2: February 12-16

Week 3: February 26-March 2

Week 4: March 5-9 or 19-23

Week 5: April 2-April 6

Time Commitment/Responsibilities

Studios meet for one hour during each of the weeks listed above, approximately 5 times during the semester. 

The studio is not a course you enroll in, but rather a seminar you sign-up for through Blackboard Learn. However, because the success of the studio depends on the interaction of all the members, joining a studio group means attending ALL studio sessions and participating for the full hour. 

Participants are expected to complete the portion of the writing they plan to discuss with the group prior to the studio time, and are expected to respond to the work of others.

Role of Studio Facilitator

The studio facilitator acts as another voice in the group, responding as a studio member to the work of each participant. The facilitator guides the conversation in a studio session and makes sure it remains focused on the students’ writing and writing processes. He or she assists students in understanding and working through the thesis processes, and act as a conduit between students and the thesis coordinator, Jennifer Asmussen. The facilitator is there to help you figure out how to navigate the thesis process, and assist you in staying on track. Please keep in mind that although facilitators are trained in the studio process, they are not the experts in your field. 

Why the Thesis Studio Program?

By committing to the studio process, you will find that you deepen and advance your own thesis experience. In addition to having an accountability group that will assist you in staying on track to finish within two semesters, you also have a supportive forum for testing your ideas and writing (thus improving your writing and practicing for your defense), access to others’ processes and revisions which may inform your own, and a group of peers who are experiencing the same joys and pain that you are.

The studios provide a private space for thesis students to discuss their projects freely, and as a result, the studios promote independence, ownership, and authority for the student participants. 

Joining the Studio Program

Attend the MANDATORY thesis orientation at the start of your first semester in the thesis program, which you will learn about at the time of your acceptance into the program. At this session, all first semester thesis participants will receive instructions on how to enroll in the thesis studio program. Second semester thesis participants are not required to attend the thesis orientation session.

You must be in good standing with the studio program both semesters to receive the $150 thesis binding reimbursement. Please complete this binding request form 1 and binding request forms 2, and attach your book binding receipt to the forms. Then bring these forms to your thesis director to sign for approval. The completed forms should be returned to the Office of Undergraduate Research in the Honors College, Room 212W in the M.D. Anderson Library.

Good standing entails:

--Attending all thesis studio meetings

--Presenting excerpts from thesis at each meeting

--Responding to the works of others