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Thesis Guidelines for the College of Engineering

Cullen College of Engineering

A Senior Honors Thesis in engineering typically arises from close collaboration with a faculty member on an existing research project. Ideally, you will identify a significant aspect of that research and craft a smaller project representing your own work. Here is a sample prospectus for Engineering students.

The thesis should include an introduction explaining the relevance of your work to the broader field of study, a brief literature review, pertinent explanations of all technical innovations and processes, and an appropriate representation of results achieved. On average, the thesis will be between 30-60 pages. 

Information for All Senior Honors Thesis Students

These guidelines will help you plan your thesis project from start to finish. 

Engineering Senior Honors Thesis Students

Prepare the final copy for binding according to the binding & formatting guidelines for the College of Engineering. Miranda Vernon-Harrison is your contact from the Cullen College of Engineering.


Spring 2018
Submit first draft for review/format check two weeks prior to defense date and latest by: Thursday, April 19, 2018
Last day to defend: Thursday, May 3, 2018
Last day to submit final copy and electronic submission: Thursday, May 10, 2018

BS Honors Thesis Requirements: Graduating BS Honors thesis students are required to follow the procedures in the online guide for preparing and writing their theses. The amount of copies submitted is designated by the student’s advisor, typically ranging from 4-5 copies. BS students will need to turn in their manuscripts and signature pages in to the College Graduate Coordinator for review and final approval. These students need to follow the instructions for paper requirements and submission deadlines for Traditional Binding only. Graduating BS Honors Thesis students are not required to do an electronic submission at this time.