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Binding Formatting Guide

Guidelines for Formatting a Senior Honors Thesis

In preparing your thesis for submission, please refer to these guidelines.

I. Title Page - download example here

II. Acknowledgement Page - Each thesis may contain a short bibliography identifying the students' academic history and collegiate accomplishments. This space may also be used to give acknowledgement to those who assisted the student in completing the thesis.

III. Table of Contents - Each thesis should include a comprehensive listing of the thesis' chapters and/or subsections.

IV. Page Numbering - Each thesis should be numbered beginning with page 1. The title page is always considered the first page of the document, and is the only page in the document that does not require a page number.

V. Preparing for Binding

  • For the university copies you must use at least 20lb., 8 ½" X 11" white bond paper with 50% rag content (50% cotton paper).
  • The manuscript should be typed on a computer, word processor, or typewriter. When copying your manuscript use an electrostatic process, such as Xerox copies. Means of duplication that are NOT ACCEPTABLE include mimeographing or any fluid process.
  • A serif font should be used throughout the document in size 10, 11, or 12-point. Most students use Courier New.
  • Tables, graphs, and charts should be embedded throughout the document or can be collected at the end of the main body of text. Captions for these figures should be in 10, 11 or 12-point sized text and describe the model in 2-3 sentences.
  • The left margin of your document must be at least one and one-half inches (1½"). When binding the document the spine will be on the left side so the extra space is needed. The right margin, top margin and bottom margin must all be one inch (1").
  • All copies of your thesis MUST include the following items IN THE ORDER LISTED:
    1. A blank sheet of bond paper at the beginning of each copy submitted.
    2. Title Page - download example here
    3. Signature Page - download example here - the three required copies must have ORIGINAL SIGNATURES of the committee members and the student. Photo copies of signatures are not acceptable.
    4. Acknowledgement (optional)
    5. Abstract title page - download example here
    6. Abstract (should not exceed 150 words)
    7. Table of Contents
    8. Body of text
    9. References
    10. A blank sheet of bond paper at the end of each copy submitted. Please note a colored sheet of paper must be inserted between each copy of document.

VI. Binding Deadline

The binding deadline is the date you must submit the signed copies of your defended thesis to the dean's office in your college. This is the opportunity for you to attain the dean's signature for the signature pages. 

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