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Nicole Mosely

Nicole Mosely

Hello! My name is Nicole Mosley and I am a Junior majoring in Public Relations at the University of Houston. I am honored to continue my work with the fellows team for a new year!

The program was an incredibly valuable resource to me as I explored the opportunities Human Sit offers students to grow as writers, citizens, and individuals. The course encourages students to not only produce writing of a much higher quality, but also emphasizes the importance of expanding the critical thinking and analytical skills that are central to the course. Much of this analysis and exploration is best experienced through conversation, and I still appreciate the way the course creates a forum for discourse on a rich variety of ideas as students take time to consider the nature of our human condition.

One of the things I love most about working with the Fellows team is the opportunity I have to continue this conversation from a different perspective, and I am so excited to discuss ideas with a whole new class of students! I have no doubt these conversations will not only be beneficial to the success of their writing, but will also guide them in embracing their own unique perspective while continuing to pursue depth and meaning in the quality of their thinking.

When I’m not involved with the fellows you can find me at the Campus Rec training for the upcoming half-marathon, grabbing brunch at my favorite spots in Houston, and in the stands at every home game to support the coogs!