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Nicholas Daily

Nicholas Daily

Writing academic papers can be frustrating. Whether you are having difficulty expressing your ideas clearly or figuring out how to develop your insights further, it is easy to overthink it and get caught up in your own head. I know as well as anyone else how frustrating the process can be.

In my experience though, there is no better cure than talking through your ideas with a tutor. Even talking about your ideas in a conversational setting can itself can help you develop and clean up your thoughts. More than that, the Fellows can provide honed and individual advice for any problems or questions you have.

As for me, I’m currently a senior finishing a Philosophy/English double major and I am looking to enroll in Law School after graduation. My favorite genre is existential literature, and I would recommend Kafka’s short stories to anyone with a little time and a sense of humor.

I really enjoy listening to excited students talk about their ideas. I hope to help you improve your writing this year.