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Abdulwausay Ansari

Abdulwausay Ansari

I think critical thinking and introspection are valuable. These two activities are essential for explaining why our lives are the way they are and for  figuring out how we can shape our lives for the better. Therefore, I think critical thinking and introspection are necessary tools that allow us to live meaningful lives, including but not limited to becoming good at being: professionals; romantic partners; friends; moral agents and citizens. 

Human Situation is a course that teaches both critical thinking and introspection.

You will be challenged. You will be forced to think hard and, in your writing, respond critically to books whose meanings are sometimes obscure and difficult to understand. But you will also get a chance to both reflect deeply on some of the existential, moral, religious and political issues--the meaning of life; the nature of good and evil; why God allows suffering to exist; why civilizations rise and fall--that have haunted, and continue to haunt, humans since the Ancient Egyptians. Not only will you get to think about such issues on your own, you will be audience to what history's greatest minds have thought about these issues. 

I--a philosophy major who likes to wind down by listening to music, watching TV and movies, spending time with friends and family and reading the news (though this last activity has recently gotten more and more stressful)--am here for you whenever you need help critically thinking and introspecting.