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Saul Martin

Saul Martin

Hi! I am a sophomore majoring in Communication Disorders with a Psychology minor. I chose to pursue this career path because I have always been interested in the social sciences and have grown to have a deep appreciation in the way people communicate their thoughts and ideas. I aspire to become a speech therapist and help counsel people unable to communicate effectively in order to allow them to contribute their share to a great marketplace of ideas.

To me, a great conversation is not only a way to form a connection among people, but also a tool for the creating a deeper appreciation of ourselves and others whom we may often take for granted. This is the reason I extremely enjoyed the Human Situation as I was able to take part in a conversation that never ends as we continue to explore and expand on the works and literature created by other great minds.

The word ecstatic might be an understatement for the way I feel about joining the Fellows for a new year. I believe that hard work is the key to becoming a better thinker and writer, so I hope to be able to help others willing to join this conversation do so unconditionally.

When I do get some free time, I like to spend it reading, gaming, or joining group conversations about new and interesting things.