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Honors students considering a career in law have a number of resources available to them through The Honors College. Pre-law is not itself a major, and students going on to law school can major in any discipline.

Rather than a prescribed set of classes, the best training for law school and a career in law is the development of a skill set that Honors classes all seek to cultivate. These skills include critical thinking, the ability to analyze texts, ideas, and arguments, and excellent written and oral communication.

Honors students have many opportunities to engage in research projects both in class and independently, and the small size of Honors classes allows students to develop good relationships with professors who may later serve as recommenders. Many Honors classes—especially those offered through the Phronesis minor—emphasize an understanding of the structures of our society and their basis in Western intellectual history.  Finally, Honors classes demand the rigorous attention and organization that is necessary for success in law school and beyond.